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It can only mean one thing, rodents have invaded your space.


Most of us have been there. We sit down to enjoy our favorite show or even lay down to get some rest for the evening, and then we hear it. That sound of something very small running across the floor, or the odd sound of a mouse chewing on wood or another hard material.

Rodent Control Los Angeles

Don’t let mice and rats destroy your property and valuables. Call us to learn about rodent prevention services for your property.

Mice or rats are a common pest in many cities all over the world so you aren’t alone if you suspect some are on your property. Have you noticed their feces yet? This is a very common way to discover rodents, in addition to finding items or areas that have been chewed on. This is definitely a sign of mice or rats.

They will breed very fast so it’s crucial to confirm the presence of mice or rats so you can have treatments started right away. While you can successfully eliminate them on your own if you catch them early enough, sometimes it’s less hassle to just let a professional handle it. We’re here to help you do just that.

The first step to say goodbye to mice or rats for good is through proper sealing of your home. That means, your vents, doors, windows, and other possible entry points for mice or rats as well as other bugs and insects, need to be inspected and repaired accordingly. In addition, further inspecting your home in more detail to locate any cracks or other faults that you weren’t aware of, but where pests could enter in, will also be beneficial in keeping the rodents out for good.

Mice will absolutely set up a place to create a nest that is near a food and water supply. Unfortunately, your home holds all kinds of ideal places for them to build nests. Once a nest is built the breeding begins and then a more significant problem begins to grow rapidly. If they find wires or cables they could easily start a fire and they will contaminate everything they touch; just think about that for a moment.

Regardless of whether you have actually seen the mouse or rat, or you have simply heard what sounds like rodents, our rodent exterminators are ready to help. Just call us at (323) 375-5889 to schedule a good time for an inspector to come out and assess the problem. We’ll work hard to provide the best treatment for your problem and are able to answer any questions you have. Just ask us!