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If you have or suspect bed bugs in your home or on your property it’s important that you take immediate action to control, treat and eradicate them.

These bugs don’t just disappear and need to be treated properly if you ever wish to get rid of them completely.

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Treating this pest is no easy feat and will require the help of a professional bed bug exterminator. We realize nobody wants to deal with pests in general, but these particular critters are among the worst to have. They can quickly and easily infest a room or even a home if left untreated.

We are in an industry where it’s critical that we utilize the most effective modern solutions for the many vermin problems residents face throughout LA. These particular bugs are no exception and actually require a little more on our part to stay on top of superior treatments that are effective and reliable for our customers.

The greater part of our customers ask exactly where the bed bugs may have originated from and the reply? A multitude of locations, like:

  • Hotel accommodations
  • Aircraft
  • Previously used Furnishings
  • Movie Theaters
  • Gyms
  • Public transit
  • Workplaces
  • Cafes


It may be hard to find out specifically where the bedbugs came from, but we are here to help you find treatment regardless. More often than not, individuals do not have much success at eliminating them without the help of a qualified technician that has experience treating for these nasty critters. Since they start multiplying quickly, we recommend people who have a problem to call us at the very first warning of a possible infestation or even if you’ve only found one so far. We carry out a complete process for dealing with this specific pest which we’ll explain here in greater detail.

Bed Bug Inspections

Even though a portion of clients that call to seek advice concerning our bed bug eradication services have already established they have an active issue, we can still provide an inspection. This simply helps us determine the severity of the problem in order to use the correct treatment and provide helpful information regarding what to do when preparing for your treatment.  Since these pests are tiny and not so easy to locate, it’s better to have a properly trained pest specialist do it.

Our technician will study the bedroom where you identified or think you have bed bugs, examining all the places in which these bugs prefer to hide. Our responsibility is to discover any indications of activity of the bugs which are typically alive or even dead bodies, the skin they’ve shed, eggs, as well as little dots or splotches of fecal matter. Should we (or you) find any indication that these pests are in fact on your property we will inform you of the best approach for treating your specific invasion.

Plan Established

Once we’ve scrutinized your home we will identify the very best approach for treatment. Your technician will cover the different alternatives you may have in treating these blood-sucking insects and take time to listen to any concerns you might have regarding the issue. Your safety is our highest priority so prior to treatment for any pest is the best time to address any concerns we have and that you may have.

BedBug Treatments

Once you’ve have agreed to the plan we propose, our techs can set out to treat for the bed bugs. However, we simply cannot make this happen within just one visit or procedure. It normally requires a couple of (2-4) treatments based upon on the extent of the invasion. Of course, you can also request follow up visits so that we can confirm the bugs are gone.

Signs of Possible Infestation

If you are worried that you have these creatures on your property there are different things you can watch for that will confirm your suspicion. Those include:

  • Discovering the actual bugs – alive or dead.
  • Skin casings the bugs have shed.
  • Feces (blood) spots on your bedding or mattresses.
  • Experiencing bites that you typically wake up with.

While getting bit is a definite possibility of active bed bugs, there are also other bugs that could be biting you so an inspection is the best method for confirming the actual issue if you are only getting bit and haven’t discovered any signs of a particular pest.

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If you are anxious to be free of bed bugs you should contact our licensed exterminators immediately! We will talk about the best approach for treating the bugs once you’ve explained your situation. Sometimes an inspection will be necessary prior to treating the property, but we will discuss this with you when you call.  You should not have to share your private space with a pest of any kind. Call us at (323) 375-5889 today!