Cockroach Control Solutions for Homes & Businesses

Cockroaches are a prevalent problem in many places in California, and quite a few other areas across the U.S., and our cockroach pest control experts have the knowledge and experience essential in helping you obtain a property free of these filthy pests long-term.

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You can rely on our cockroach extermination services.

Our job is to find out the type of cockroach so that we can treat it successfully. Often times there are certain varieties that love entering residences and other structures in which humans reside and work and, consequently, are thought of as a big annoyance (pest).

While many cockroaches are disgusting, some are actually helpful due to their role for re-using decayed, organic materials. They cab carry diseases because they often scamper across unsanitary places and after that transmit these to other areas, especially in a your kitchen.

Identifying Cockroaches

In this area, they are often up to two inches long but if you notice a large one it is likely of a tropical species.  They have 6 legs, 2 antennae and also certain types have wings, but not to worry because they still cannot fly.

For any person who has been in a place that had a problem with these particular pests, you likely noticed an awful odor or stench.  They can also become noisy and will likely be noticed quickly wherever an infestation exists.

Ideal Environment For Roaches

Houses are actually a perfect spot for roaches to breed. They have access to a significant supply of food and water, heat, and endless items/places to create a nest. With access to all of these things that they require to live they can easily remain active all year round.

Cockroach Reproduction

Roaches will breed very rapidly which is why attending to a roach issue immediately is crucial to controlling them, regardless of whether you’ve spotted one or several. On the contrary, when you only see an individual one there are likely many more hiding elsewhere throughout your property such as behind the walls.

Homeowners normally observe them during the night given that this is when they prefer to emerge looking for food. That stated, if you do start to notice one or even several roaches during the day the chances of an infestation being present significantly increase with this discovery.

Health Risks/Factors Roaches Pose

Many individuals are currently knowledgeable about the wellness threat that cockroaches can present to individuals and animals. People with asthma or allergies might notice a spike in their signs when these nasty invaders are present; particularly for kids. The infested area will have a foul odor from the contamination by the roaches that are left on floors, surfaces and any item they defecate on or encounter. This could bring about the transmission of horrible diseases that could cause undesirable symptoms like food-poisoning and even diarrhea, if not worse symptoms.

Cockroach DIY Methods

If you noticed a roach you likely researched how you could address any possible issue in your home. This likely included trying a ‘natural’ solution to eliminate them, or possibly a product you bought at the local pest supply store. Yes, there are numerous products on the shelves for you to acquire, however many times they result in wasted time, effort and money without achieving the results you desired. Particularly if you have a rather significant population of them as this often requires the treatments offered by a professional roach exterminator for complete removal.

Types of Cockroaches in California Consist of:

  • American Cockroach
  • Brown-banded Cockroach
  • German Cockroach
  • Asian Cockroach
  • Wood Cockroach
  • Huge Waterbugs

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