Los Angeles’ Termite Experts

You’ve probably discovered that termites can be among the most expensive pests to find. Termites usually go unseen for longer measures of time, silently destroying your construction every single day, week after week, and every single year. Termites may feed on cellulose-based components of which just happens to be in the majority of architectural structures.

Termite Control Los Angeles

Let us inspect your property and help you protect against termite damage and costly repairs.

Your home is only one thing vulnerable to termite damage; books, furniture, foundations and also other items and parts of the home are also in danger. Despite the fact that termite workers are fairly tiny in size, the degree of destruction they’ll cause is far larger.

Los Angeles Termite Protection & Prevention Methods

It is possible to stay away from termites with the proper protection and prevention measures, including getting rid of moisture and possible food supplies for termites. The following tips could help you further increase the defense against termites in and around your property:

  • Service leaks; sinks, pipes, air conditioning units, etc.
  • Make certain the gutters are free of obstructions or debris and flowing properly routinely.
  • Be certain that water is directed away from your base during wet weather.
  • There must be minimal plant mulch and any coverings near the home’s foundation and exterior.
  • A roof that actually works properly won’t have any standing puddles or water present so check it often.
  • Examine air vents routinely to confirm they’re free from obstructions.
  • Secure any likely access points in the plumbing to keep unwanted pests from achieving admittance inside.
  • If you locate any vents that do not have screens, install them.
  • Always keep required wood debris (firewood, etc.) a decent distance from your house.
  • Termite destruction is frequently visible on fences and decks around the property or home so inspect these regularly for any clues.
  • Do not keep raw lumber, paper or fire wood around the foundation or crawl space.

Identifying a Termite Dilemma

You can actually identify a termite dilemma quickly if you know what to look for. Indications of a termite problem will include a swarm of winged insects (termites) briefly in the house, termite frass (droppings), hollowed out wood or wood that seems hollow once you tap on it, mud tubes and tunnels on the outside walls, or the wings abandoned by swarmers; commonly observed near windows and doors.

In case you have tried to look at your property but still aren’t certain termites aren’t there, or perhaps you would like defense against pests through a qualified professional; we’re here to assist you! We can help you get scheduled for a termite inspection or even a treatment if you have already affirmed active termites. Simply phone (323) 375-5889 today!