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Wasps truly are a frequent stinging insect in the Los Angeles area and one many people are not really that partial to, but prefer over more dangerous stinging insects. The look of a wasp will depend on the type it happens to be but most possess a squeezed waist and two pairs of wings.

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Similar to bees, some wasps are sociable and reside in colonies, containing a significant number of wasps; hundreds to thousands of them in one single colony!

Females are accountable for chores within the colony and manage the eggs. The unsocial wasp species prefer to dwell alone and can lay eggs, however they will leave them in the nest alone.

Los Angeles has both predatory and parasitic wasps. The benefit to predatory wasps is that they defeat and devour other sorts of bothersome insect life that they use to feed their larvae. Parasitic wasps can lay eggs either in a spider or caterpillar. Why? This provides a living host for the larvae to feed upon.

Never assume all wasps are overly aggressive but those that are can definitely cause pain once they sting a person. However, they can and will sting many times if needed. Though they are usually irritating pests to have, they provide a benefit and that is destroying the unwanted pests that put bounty and plants in jeopardy.

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